RelayWorks Sectors

RelayWorks combines powerful progress reporting, task management and team communication for professional handovers at non-stop operations.


Remote Work, Shift Work, Team Work

Mining is a difficult working environment, yet a highly profitable when the right people work together to deliver reliable outputs. RelayWorks provides effective communication across shifts, time zones and disciplines, making it one of the last low hanging fruits the mining industry is making use of to create a bigger competitive advantage and increased asset profitability.

Mining equipment, technology & service providers (METS)

Remote Work, Shift Work, Team Work

RelayWorks is used by service providers to the Mining Industry. Mine Contractors use it for reporting progress and issues on a daily basis as well as at the end of manager rotations. It is also ideal for tracking the progress of distributed teams working on short-term assignments such as equipment installations, shutdown maintenance, and process optimization.

Oil and Gas Upstream

Remote Work, Shift Work, Team Work

Staff shift changes at offshore facilities is a major logistical challenge. The impact of time during arrival/departure makes it difficult to provide up-to-date operational information for incoming staff. RelayWorks removes this barrier ensuring that arriving staff can be fully briefed before, during and after transit, ensuring essential information and work priorities are established safely and quickly.

Security Operations

Shift Work, Team Work

Business continuity is essential when managing security operations. Customers use RelayWorks to quickly communicate important information, ensure critical checks take place and prioritise the work in progress. Managers can access handover intel from any location at any time to ensure the best and most appropriate action is being taken. 


Shift Work, Team Work

24/7 operations require timely communication throughout the maintenance teams. Maintenance managers must have full visibility on the availability of resources, management of ongoing repairs, and manage any new requests from staff or customers. RelayWorks enables operations to communicate their requirements with maintenance and maintenance with their suppliers to ensure downtimes are minimized improving the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Shift Work, Team Work

Projects in this sector operate in a highly controlled and fluid environment that can involve many specialist sub-contractors. Handovers are often an area of concern and RelayWorks alleviates this pain. The application enables the main contractor to embed a standard handover process for all contractors to adhere to. It ensures that contracted resources can leave a project confident that they have handed over professionally to the next party and also details a powerful audit trail for future investigation, review and analysis. 

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Shift Work, Team Work

In this fast-moving business environment, simple errors at handover can result in reputational damage, failure to meet service levels, and sometimes dangerous working environments for staff. RelayWorks enables all managers on the floor to understand the ongoing operational priorities to optimise productivity whilst providing off-site managers with full visibility.  

Contact Centre

Shift Work, Team Work

The shift changeover in a Call Centre is a busy period and quite often managers and team leaders are involved in discussions that prevent comprehensive verbal handovers from taking place. RelayWorks ensures that vital information can be captured during a shift and communicated quickly to the incoming manager. With multi-team setups and team handover, it is easy to build a consistent digital approach, even at large scale operations.

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