RelayWorks Features

RelayWorks combines powerful progress reporting, task management and team communication for professional handovers at non-stop operations.

Tailor handovers for individual business requirements

With RelayWorks you can easily set-up handovers to be meaningful and appropriate topics for your team. The templates can be used at multiple locations allowing a standard approach to be applied throughout the business. RelayWorks creates a foundation for continually improving your business handovers as well as gathering operational data for future review and analysis.

Intuitive workflow with in-app and e-mail notifications

RelayWorks has a smart handover workflow that enables those involved in the handover process to be consulted and informed at every stage. The notification centre provides a variety of prompts for users such as alerts, reminders, updates and is an area that we also update regularly.

Share handover reports internally and via email

Handovers generated in RelayWorks are automatically sent to nominated users and can be printed off in PDF format for further use and distribution. The report can be emailed automatically to users and non-users at a pre-defined time, keeping everyone informed.

Quickly compile handover history for incidents, audits and performance reviews

Finding important information held in ad-hoc handovers is a painful exercise and wastes time. RelayWorks allows users to quickly search, retrieve and compile information held on core topics throughout the application.

Easy to set up for globally distributed teams

RelayWorks is configurable for multiple regions. This is ideal for corporate head offices wanting to roll-out and manage a global handover process across many business units.

Simply create, schedule & assign tasks

A professional handover requires action to be taken by one or more of the recipients. RelayWorks has built-in task management that allows users to manage their own 'To Do' list, track the progress of tasks sent, and update the status of tasks they have received.

Set the priority of tasks for handover recipients

RelayWorks handovers give clear communication with prioritised tasks so recipients can understand the importance. Any changes made to the priority, by the manager or recipient, are recorded in the system and communicated automatically to the originator of the task giving full task traceability.

Close the communication loop during staff handovers

A major failing of traditional handovers is the lack of feedback provided to the outgoing person after a handover is complete. RelayWorks allows users to request feedback on important topics with only one click. This adds importance to the topic and promotes open and effective communication between colleagues and managers.

Promote direct support and guidance from manager to employee

RelayWorks requires a manager to be assigned to a handover. The line manager has full visibility of what is being communicated across their team and can support the process when appropriate to do so. They can add comments, change task priority, take ownership of a task and add in new topics giving total operational control to the right person.

Securely cloud-based and accessible anywhere, anytime

RelayWorks is a web-application and accessible via any web browser and usable on most devices. It is hosted in a secure cloud-based environment and the performance is continually monitored.

Project tasking & communication (Enterprise only)

This is ideal for small projects that have team members working on different shift rotations. Project Managers can create a bank of tasks for users to complete and track the progress of them within the app. This is an Advanced and Enterprise feature.

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